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Welcome to the home of Terrafirma, an ESA GMES project that aims to provide essential support in the process of risk assessment and mitigation by using the latest technology to measure terrain motion from satellite radar data. The ESA GMES project provides this support to a wide range of entities including: civil protection agencies, disaster management organisations and costal, rail and motorway authorities.

Using data acquired 800km above the Earth’s surface which is interpreted and analysed by expert national geoscience organisations, the project provides a pan-European ground motion hazard information service in each of the 27 states.

The third stage of Terrafirma (2009-2013) focused on several thematic lines for terrain motion analysis: Tectonics, Coastal Lowland Subsidence and Flood Defense, Hydrogeology (ground water issues, landslides and inactive mines) and Wide Area Mapping service.

After the successful completion of the programme of work of Stage 3,  three objectives remained in order  to terminate the GSE programme concerning land motion geohazard services:

a)     Secure the long-term on-line availability of Terrafirma products via the OneGeology-Europe portal.

b)     Adapt the Wide Area Processing (WAP) prototype processor for Sentinel-1 satellite.

c)     Enable other PSI providers to undergo the Terrafirma PSI validation procedure in cooperation with DLR.

These objectives will be accomplished in the fourth stage of Terrafirma, a one year extension that started at the end of 2013.

If you are interested in the Terrafirma services, or have any other questions, please contact


Maite Garcia, Terrafirma Project Coordinator




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