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Workshop 8 Presentations (June 7-8 2011)

The Terrafirma 8th User Workshop Flood was held at Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 7 - 8 2011. The workshop was organised together with Subcoast, a GMES programme involved in assment and monitoring subsidence hazards in Coastal Lowland arounde Europe. The following presentations correspond to the presentations as listed in the agen d a (please note that some presentations are quite large files).

SubCoast overview
EEA: Coastal Zones & Information Systems
A Review of User Needs
Mapping Subsidence from Space
Danish Coastal Mapping - Lolland
Danish Coastal Mapping - SW Jutland
Terrafirma – Wide Area Mapping
SubCoast Pilot Applications - Rhine Meuse Delta
SubCoast Pilot Applications - Southern Emilia-Romagna
SubCoast Pilot Applications - Baltic Coast